The Start-up and Innovation Summit - previously born to service the start-up community - is changing.

It is growing to reflect the needs of the market. We are now seeing an increasing demand for less incubator-led content and a bigger push towards providing blue skies thinking, insights and solutions that addresses the biggest demands of the industry, without having to wait for our European Summit.

Our October event now sees us shift our focus to all things innovative and transformative, for businesses to see where new opportunities from new ideas lie.

We will launch our jam-packed, insight-driven Innovation Report, our Start-Up of the Year category will be judged live, before we explore new horizons to the backdrop of next-gen talent and innovation spend.

As the industry continues to develop at pace, join us for a chance to stay in-the-know for what's coming next.

We look forward to welcoming you all to [TBC: News UK Offices, London], on Tuesday, October 15.

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Opening statement from Travolution and welcome from Headline Sponsor
Panel Discussion: Travolution Innovation Report 2024 launch

The 2024 Innovation Report will offer detailed insight of who’s spending how much on what in the UK travel industry. Our excusive analysis of Office for National Statistics data will show how travel agents, tour operators, hotel companies, cruise and ferry operators, and aviation firms are spending in five areas of IT, as we continue to make amends for the effects of the pandemic. The report will also highlight the trajectory for the future and the top opportunities.

Start-up of the Year 2024: First round of travel start-up pitches

This session will see founders from our first round of travel start-ups each give short five-minute elevator pitches about their companies in front of a panel of industry experts who have two minutes to grill them on their plans.

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Start-up of the Year 2024: Second round of travel start-up pitches

This session will see the founders of four travel start-ups each give short five-minute elevator pitches about their companies in front of a panel of industry experts who have two minutes to grill them on their plans.

Success Spotlight: My journey to now

A new segment for the Start-up and Innovation Summit. Each year, we’ll welcome back a previous winner of the Travolution Start-up of the Year award or a successful company that is now out of the start-up stage, to share important learnings from their journey to success and what their origin story looked like.

Automation is the answer: What’s new?

We’ve done some work with our community this year to find out what keeps people up most at night and what area they’re most focused on. Automation was top for many. In this session we find out what’s new when it comes to automation and where it can catapult business to as a result.

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Panel Discussion: How do we challenge and change cyber security to not be a fad for the Travel and Tourism industry?


Kate Harden-England, editor, Travolution

Data Powwow: How to scale your organisation’s data capability to drive revenue, efficiency and growth

We’ve heard “data is the new oil” for far too long now and we know that data is instrumental when it comes to growth opportunities but what exactly do we need to implement and how do we achieve this. This session will explore various elements that play into growing a company’s capability to deliver real results.

Panel Discussion: Payments as the future of travel innovation

Breaking down barriers and friction points to result in a less fragmented user experience for travellers is critical. Payment solution providers can hold the key to this success.

How can you offer value beyond payments? What does this entail and how does it boost ROI? From rewards and loyalty to partnerships, and more, how can we address pain points for high speed, low cost and secure payments.

Executive Interview: How we innovated to be a different business to the one pre-pandemic

This one-on-one interview will delve into how the CEO of an industry leader has transformed the way it approaches its business in order to answer its changing demands from travellers and the lesson along the way they have picked up. As part of that journey, how technology, interconnectivity and data will act as an enabler of this transformation for not just this travel giant, but others too.

Innovation Stand-up: Launching new products and redesigning offerings

An innovation journey is not linear. Nothing about change typically is. We hear from a well-known, house-hold name for UK travellers on how they have tackled injecting innovation into its offering by diversifying its product set to push itself to new limits.

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Our speakers are experts drawn from leading travel and disruptive digital brands



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